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Ladies and Gents hats

Here you will find examples of our hats that can be made in your choice of tweed , our on line store has off the shelf options at a slightly reduced cost

For gents we have

Flat Cap

Wide Bond Cap

Bugatti - 1920's style hat with ear flaps

Deerstalker - Stiff brim all round

Sherlock - Deerstalker with flaps

Tweed baseball cap

For the ladies we have

Diana - large brim and bow at back

Anna - large brim and fur (fake) underneath


Tweed baseball cap

Ordering a hat

We have a selection of Tweed baseball caps to buy in our online store just click here to view.

Sherlocks, Deerstalkers, Flat caps and Bugatti hats in our online store

If you are interested in any of the other styles we have, call us on (uk) 01549-402229 or email your selection to:
tweed and size preference.

To size the hat take a measurement of the circumference of your head.

Sizing of our hats varies depending on the style from a standard hat measurement to small, medium and large.

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