Looking after around 80 estates owners and their employees, is a very demanding and exacting part of our business, which is what we would describe as the "core" activity of our business.

The traditions of the Sporting Estate are maintained, in part, by the people on the estate wearing robust tweeds. These tweeds not only signify your estate but also a great protection against the elements. this usually taking the form of a three piece suit, coat and hat.

What ever the size of the estate and its number of employees we will provide you with clothing that will meet every one of your requirements.

For further pricing and measuring questions please feel free to contact us any time.

With regards to being measured for your garments - We primarily work from our shop in Lairg and this is where we would encourage you to come.
However, if your estate would be requiring three or more full three piece suits (or equivalent garments) to be tailored, arrangements can be made for us to come to you.
Please note, if we do come to you a travel expense charge will be levied as per government guidelines at
£0.45p per mile.
The time of year we have for this service is January - March as during the months from Easter to Christmas we tend to be very tied up in the shop.


Another option for measurements - if you are unable to visit our shop, you can forward a garment that fits you at present and we can work from them.

Estate Tailoring Prices
(Excluding tweed and VAT)

Jackets from

Plus 2's, 4's & trousers from

Vests (waistcoats) from

Shooting waist coats from

Field coat (with waterproof membrane) from

Caps from

Sherlocks, Deerstalkers, Bugatti's

If you have any further questions or would like to place an order please call us on
(uk) 01549-402229
Or you can email us on

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