Breeks, plus twos, plus fours, knickerbockers - are they all the same - what is the difference and does it matter?

The design originally came from Europe and the name is not generally recognised here in Great Britain. It is usually a short Breek (just to the knee and no more) and quite tight on the leg - all right for walking in a straight line but not for climbing, bending etc. as there is not enough material and no give.

Again a more European word than British - the garment can be more generous in leg width but is again short in length, fastening just below the knee and with no turnover they are more fitting and thus not much use in climbing, hunting etc. they are classed as more a fashion garment.

Plus Twos
Here we have the original British garment which are often confused with Breeks. First of all the length of the leg should finish exactly four inches below the bottom of the knee - when the garment is fastened correctly (just below the knee) a correct plus two should give a two inch fold (two inch down and two inch up). If one is doing a lot of bending an even longer leg length may be required or even wider in the leg, however Plus Twos are widely used in walking, golfing
any outdoor sporting pursuit.

Plus Fours
The old photographs of golfers and sports people generally show this garment which is not quite so popular today as it once was - very baggy and a four inch fold over the knee (remember this would measure eight inches below the bottom of the knee when unfastened). These are generally ordered by people that are purely stalking or requiring a lot of bending and leg movement.

What are the benefits of Plus Twos/Fours?
Very practical for any outdoor activity - golfing, fishing, hunting, hill walking etc. giving, as it does, plenty of freedom to bend the legs - they are also currently extremely fashionable, comfortable and are supplied in a large variety of materials. Another benefit is that only the socks (stockings) would get wet or dirty thus ensuring the longevity of the garment. Indeed those that try them out for the first time enthuse about them and wonder why they never tried them before.

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